Who We Are

Crescendant helps its clients to establish and grow strong, long term customer relationships and to build a positive market image. Clients want their presence to provide a positive customer experience, no matter how much traffic might grow, how geographically distributed web site visitors might be, or how existing applications and the data center interoperate today. Our customers range from rapidly growing startups to among the top 10 largest E-tailers on the planet.

Ways customers employ us

Crescendant helps clients architect, build and support web infrastructure and mission critical applications in their data centers or on a managed hosting basis. We also help web-based companies establish their SAAS presence.

Typical client engagements include:

  • Managed Hosting

  • Capacity planning for applications, data centers, networks, servers, firewalls, and storage.

  • Architect and implement security architectures

  • Architect and implement hardware, server and middleware architectures

  • Web / SOA application development

  • Application and infrastructure interoperability consulting

What we Believe

Large Scale Commitment- Our professionals are experts in infrastructure and mission critical applications, which have enabled our team to manage some of the largest web sites in the world. We have made customers for life by doing whatever it takes to ensure that their infrastructure and mission critical applications meet or exceed service level agreements.

Balance - We believe in being both proactive and reactive. By proactive, we mean work to manage and mitigate risk in order to prevent foreseeable infrastructure and your mission critical application downtime. We also work around the clock to quickly design and implement response and recovery strategies that minimize downtime should it occur.

Repeatability - We develop, recommend and implement processes and solutions that integrate and align with your existing infrastructure and mission critical applications. Our process-based solutions are designed with long-term performance in mind. Simply-put, Crescendant embeds rock solid uptime into the DNA of your organization.

Transfer - Not only do we deliver infrastructure and mission critical application process and solutions, but we also instill the knowledge, experience and confidence in everyone tasked with performing an infrastructure or mission critical application role.

Focus - Our goal is to bring focus to your most pressing current need, taking into account your capacity, security and operations’ requirements. Regardless whether we lead or participate in any initiative, we bring the focused expertise needed to help you meet your business goals and objectives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at inquiry@crescendant.com or call our professionals at +1.650.210.8800.