The Cost- Effective Consolidated Data Center

With in-depth knowledge and expertise across a wide range of data center technologies and platforms, Crescendant helps customers analyze, assess, architect, implement and support a highly available, reliable, secure, scalable and cost-efficient data center.

Consolidation Services Overview

Crescendant helps customers analyze and assess their overall environment to identify where they can reduce the total number of servers, thereby lowering hardware and software costs and simplifying support. We determine if deploying or migrating to Linux, or leveraging virtualization makes business and technical sense. As part of the assessment we also provide a comprehensive ROI analysis. Following the assessment phase our Consulting team will architect and implement the new consolidated infrastructure design utilizing our proven methodology.

If the customer is consolidating data centers and needs to move part of their current infrastructure, Crescendant will seamlessly and efficiently move, test and bring back online all critical systems. After the move, Crescendant can provide Data Center Support Services for all ongoing hardware maintenance and operating system support.

Capacity Planning

Crescendant Capacity Planning Services are an integral part of data center optimization, enabling companies to plan ahead for future growth and ensuring that future business services and compute processing needs can be supported and are in line with availability and service level goals.

Our expert consultants analyze the current data center environment and provide a detailed report on utilization rates, capacity bottlenecks and “breaking points”. We also work with the customer to analyze their future requirements and develop “what-if” scenarios that provide a capacity growth plan including upgrade alternatives.

Performance Enhancement

Maximizing the performance of each server is a key element in efficiently operating a data center. As consolidated servers become heavily loaded up with applications, optimizing performance across all workloads becomes an increasingly difficult challenge.

Our consulting team works closely with the customer to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their data center environment to identify current and potential performance issues and make recommendations on how to maintain optimal performance across their entire data center infrastructure.

We evaluate and report on current and planned server hardware and operating system configurations and patch levels, utilization rates and workloads. We analyze processor speeds, memory, storage and infrastructure applications such as data protection and data recovery systems, virus scanners and other high-processing applications. All data is analyzed over peak and valley workload times to ensure a total view of the client’s environment. In addition to analyzing key performance data we provide recommendations on how to optimize performance levels across current and future workloads while ensuring maximum availability.

What Crescendant Can Do For You

  • Security and business continuity

  • Application and database migration

  • Virtualization

  • Network Redesign

  • Server and Storage Consolidation

  • Security and business continuity