Companies face many reasons for considering consolidation of their data centers. All the factors below drive companies to consider data center consolidation in order to maintain their competitive positions and profitability.

  • Sub-optimal location

  • Aging facilities

  • Insufficient capacity

  • Insufficient energy

  • IT and operation costs

  • Mergers and Acquisition

  • Business Continuity and Availability

Do any of these factors impact your data center cost levels, your ability to integrate new applications or hardware, or your ability to modify systems to support the processes that must be absorbed as a result of any M&A activities? In other words, is your data center positioned to provide the flexibility and cost effectiveness required for your company to maintain its cost and operational competitiveness?

What Crescendant Can Do For You

In designing your data center consolidation strategy, and in implementing it, Crescendant can help you with:

  • Data center consolidation strategy aligned with business goals

  • Organizational impact and involvement analysis and stakeholder analysis

  • Business case development and ROI analysis

  • Prioritized list of project road maps, timelines and high level migration plans aligned with defined strategy

  • Support application, data migration, legacy infrastructure relocation

  • Program governance