Data and Privacy Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) is the life blood of your company. Whether it's a secret formula, manufacturing process that has been perfected over years, or pricing methodology, protecting the company's IP from inadvertent or intentional exposure is paramount. Unprotected email, files, and devices pose a critical risk to an enterprise’s most sensitive data: customer information, financial data, and intellectual property. Exposure of this data can result in financial loss, legal ramifications, and brand damage.

Data and privacy protection measures might be perceived as an encumbrance by your employees, partners and customers if they interfere with their business. Crescendant uses best of breed solutions which are automatic, transparent and have a low cost of ownership to protect your data and at the same time ease adoption by users.

What Crescendant can do for you

  • Develop an enterprise-wide program to secure your company's intellectual property.

  • Protect confidential business information that is exchanged via email.

  • Prevent loss or theft of data on mobile devices - PDAs, laptops and flash drives.

  • Secure the access and exchange of data with business partners and suppliers.

  • Protect sensitive data that might be stored outside your network, such as backups and hosted files.

  • Prevent leakage of information from off-shored activities.