Improving Global Performance

If your company is growing your global ecommerce business, including provides large files and media over the internet to countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) you have to overcome spiky traffic, slow downloads, and unpredictable Internet conditions. We enhance your on-line global ecommerce capability by accelerating your content downloads and application speed.

Our expert team understands the global ecommerce complexities of delivering multi-gigabyte files and rich media. We have been responsible for delivering large gigabyte files all over the world, with a focus on BRIC. We have a track record of executing across the entire delivery process, including network architecture, content distribution methodologies, pre-event and event testing and user experience validation. We can also empower your team to implement performance improvement programs to consistently monitor and boost the quality and speed of both your web site and end-users’ experience.

What Crescendant Can Do For You

  • Dramatically increase your on-line global revenue by delivering the largest multi-gigabyte software and video files in every major city in the world.

  • Evaluate architecture and implement corrective measures to increase upload speed, reduce costs, and improve end-user experience

  • Report on recommended modifications to improve performance and increase availability to handle peak surges.

  • Track and report users’ experience to understand completion rates.

  • Detailed review of content characteristics including file size, download and transaction round-trip time, so that we can predict when you will have a problem well before you actually do.

  • Recommendations to improve integration back-end and partner databases.

  • Deliver on service level agreements, which include performance, availability, hardware and software costs to meet your global ecommerce requirements.