Software as a Service

Is conventional on-premise software dead? It seems like offering Software as a Service is the thing to do, but doing it right isn’t simple. SaaSifying your application requires much more than just adding a web interface. Doing it wrong can cost you your customers, reputation and financial health. Re-architecting your application and supporting infrastructure requires careful planning and execution. We have a history of providing the service levels your global customers will demand to meet this significant challenge.

What Crescendant Can Do For You

  • Help you re-architect your application(s) to service-oriented and SAAS architectures.   

  • Help you plan for and deliver the performance and availability that your customers will demand of your SAAS offering

  • Develop a performance, availability and capacity reporting system that your upper management will demand.

  • Help you develop an international support model to care for all your new global customers.

  • Develop a global traffic management solution to ensure all your new customers can get to your application with satisfactory response times.

  • Develop a performance monitoring and management system crucial to proactively managing customer experience.

  • Help you tune your application stack to support customer demands.

  • Develop a capacity planning/management process that can help you anticipate and accommodate inbound traffic volatility.