Managed Offshoring

Moving activities offshore from high cost countries can yield significant cost savings.  But, capturing those potential savings without sacrificing quality, performance, time to market and even the protection of your Intellectual Property, can prove to be much more difficult than expected, especially for small companies.  We have tremendous experience offshoring activities from places like the US and France to Mexico, Costa Rica, India and China, and can help you avoid the many pitfalls.

What Crescendant Can Do For You

  • Develop an offshoring implementation plan to ensure the migration won’t disrupt your business

  • Structure responsibility and accountability to ensure ongoing success of the resource strategy.

  • Provide the offshore resources you need to be successful, or work with the outsourcing company of your choice to select the right people.

  • Work on both sides of the globe to build a framework for cooperation and communication that will lead to long term success.

  • Provide awareness training at various global locations to help highlight cultural differences and build a strong working relationship.

  • Implement industry standard frameworks like ITIL.