Managed Operations

IT is necessarily an intrinsic part of any modern business' operations, from simply managing information regarding employees, customers, suppliers, finances, and other aspects of your business, to internal and external communications, to advanced usage like CRM, SCM, ERP, data warehousing, and analytics. While IT does make your company more competitive, IT workers and infrastructure can now make up to 30% of a company's size and annual budget. Money that could be spent on marketing, research, product development or acquisitions is diverted to IT, and in most cases, the ROI is not entirely clear.

What Crescendant Can Do For You

  • Continuously reduce your IT budget year-over-year or increase functionality with a measurable ROI within the same budget.

  • Manage and deliver high quality IT projects with correct prioritization, optimum allocation of resources at the lowest cost.

  • Provide decision support to business IT regarding strategy and acquisition of new technology.

  • Help with selection, procurement and provisioning of hardware and software.

  • Design, implement and operate IT using industry standard frameworks like ITIL.